Technical reliability
CELENIT Acoustic products are the fruit of research conducted in collaboration with top university institutes. Thanks to numerous laboratory tests, performed according to EN regulations, increasingly high performance and certified technical solutions have been identified.

Production with partially artisan machinery continued until 1990, afterwards continuous investment in the line resulted in a state of the art automated and robotized plant, which has enabled the new CELENIT, led since 2003 by Gherardo’s son Piero and then by his daughter Giulia, to face the growing international demand for acoustic insulating panels for false ceilings and coverings. The panels are characterized by a refined finishing and sophisticated design.

CELENIT  products are CE marked according to the EN 13168 standard, which specifies requirements for wood wool products used in thermal insulation, and according to the EN 13964 standard, which is the reference for false ceilings.The notified organism, the Giordano Institute, determined the product type according to system 1, thanks to type tests, initial establishment inspection, a production control system check and the continuous surveillance plan. The Institute has issued the certification of Constancy of Performance with regard to reaction to fire. According to system 3, the notified test laboratory determined the base product type by means of type tests for other features declared, and they have issued the related test reports.


ANAB (National Association of Bio-ecological Architecture) is the most important Italian association in the field of sustainable buildings and it involves professionals and operators around the Italy. The ANAB - CERTIFIED PRODUCT FOR GREEN BUILDING logo identifies monolayer products made by wood wool with a limited environmental impact. CELENIT wood wool panels comply with building material requirements of the most important certification and building evaluation systems and provides a guarantee of the respect for human health and the safety of end-users and workers. ANAB provides product standards, while ICEA carries out certification activities and tests on materials/production processes.

Certified raw materials
Quality means taking care of the environment in which we live. CELENIT has chosen to use raw materials that meet the highest quality standards. All the wood used in the production process comes from forests managed in a sustainable way (PEFC™ Certificate for Chain Of Custody).


FSC® promotes the conservation and the improvement of forest resources all over the world, through the economically sustainable and socially helpful management of the forest, in harmony with the international mission of the Forest Stewardship Council®, FSC®. In our manufacturing process, all wood wool boards can be made on request with FSC® certified wood.


The Commission Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 concerning the CE marking of construction states that the manufacturer must draft the Declaration of Performance (DoP)for products falling within the scope of a harmonized standard or if they comply with a European technical evaluation. CELENIT makes the DoP of each product available in the "download" area at www.celenit.com.

Direct link: celenit.com/en/download/DoP


CELENIT operates in 20 markets and the factory based in Tombolo occupying a surface area of around 30,000 m2has a production capacity of 10,000 panels per day. The production process is characterized by high-tech robots for the production of wood wool, automatically regulated driers and robots for pallet filling and packaging/labelling.
More than 50 years of know-how have been combined with one of the most efficient and automatized companies in the world to provide highly reliable thermal/acoustic eco-compatible solutions.

Certified company and production process
To increase both the efficiency and the efficacy of company processes, CELENIT implements a quality management system in compliance with regulation EN ISO 9001:2008 and it is equipped with an innovative production plant. CELENIT products are manufactured with the latest generation technologies, respecting all current regulations on security and quality. Furthermore, severe controls are carried out on both raw materials and final products to guarantee high-tech performance and fine aesthetics.


PEFC is one of the main organizations of forestry certifications in the world, and it is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization, dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. CELENIT complies with all PEFC standards for the production of its wood wool panels. When you see the PEFC certification logo next to a CELENIT product, you know that the wood used in the production process of that product is part of the chain of custody for the preservation of the raw wood material. All the wood wool panels are manufactured in our production process with PEFC certified wood.
The international association for Future-Oriented Building and Accommodation natureplus, has the mission of promoting products for sustainable construction and interior design, assigning a mark of quality that can perfectly meet the sustainability targets in the economic and social sectors. In this way, natureplus contributes to the development of a sustainable building culture throughout Europe. The natureplus logo identifies products suitable for sustainable building. A natureplus certificate can be downloaded from the CELENIT web site. The certificate indicates all the CELENIT products that are natureplus certified.


Environmental Product Declaration which quantifies the environmental performance of a product through appropriate categories of parameters calculated using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method and following the ISO 14040 standard.
The CPC code of products covered by this EPD is 547 “Building completion and finishing services” and 546 “Installation services”.
For more information: www.environdec.com



The Ethical and and Environmental Certification Institute (ICEA), recognizing the core importance of materials recycling for the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model, developed the “Standards for the certification of products made from recycled materials” meant to reduce the consumption of resources (virgin raw materials, water and energy), increase the quality of recycled materials, minimize emission in the atmosphere, in waters and in the soils, also minimizing any impact on human health. 
CELENIT products are certified in accordance with the ICEA standard.



LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), is an American and International body that identifies and measures environmental and sustainability performance, through its certification outlines. Through ICEA acknowledgment, CELENIT products can contribute to LEED credits, giving designers the tools to plan sustainable buildings.