Sound absorption

Porosity and elasticity are the basic features.

CELENIT boards can be classified as natural sound absorbers. They dissipate sound energy through their cellular structure by progressively reducing energy, which is converted into heat. They have a good level of sound absorption especially at higher frequencies (acute tones), which are the more common ones. CELENIT panel absorption increases with thickness and when coupled with a layer of mineral wool. Research has allowed us to make a large database of sound absorption certificates available to the designer.


Indoor comfort

CELENIT false ceilings and coverings ensure well-being through naturalness.
Wood wool boards favor users being in especially crowded buildings. They are eco-friendly, certified by ANAB-ICEA and natureplus, which ensure not causing harm to individuals’ health; they are tested to be free from critical emissions of carcinogens, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds VOC and asbestos, according to EN 13964.


Fire protection

Planning that ensures the safety of users in case of fire is crucial.
In crowded public places, fire safety must be designed very carefully in order to avoid risk to people’s lives and damage to the goods. Wood wool panels are classified in Fire Euroclass A2-s1,d0 and B-s1,d0. Furthermore, the fire resistance values of false ceilings can reach 60 minutes of fire resistance (EI60 certificate), maintaining its aesthetic appearance and acoustic qualities.


Accidental ceiling drop safety

Compactness and mechanical strength for safe and certified design.
Thanks to the hardness and the mechanical resistance of wood wool panels, CELENIT provides certified solutions to guarantee the safety of the people under CELENIT false ceilings when there is the risk of dangerous material falling, especially from old ceilings. This is ensured by retaining all the natural and aesthetical features of ACOUSTIC | DESIGN products. CELENIT boards can be easily removed if an inspection of the ceiling is required to check its safety over the time.


Impact resistance and balls

Impact resistance is essential in sports facilities.
CELENIT has certified solutions for false ceilings and wall coverings that are resistant to being hit by balls. This feature is very important to guarantee the stability of covering systems. The resistance of the boards has been tested by Giordano Institute, according to EN 13964 and DIN 18032-3, obtaining the A1 class resistance, which is highest attainable.


Thermal and acoustic insulation

CELENIT wood wool false ceilings and coverings for total insulation.
CELENIT solutions for acoustic coverings improve winter thermal insulation and thermal inertia of the buildings. In addition, CELENIT offers a wide range of solutions for acoustic insulation with sound insulating power certified for partitions, perimeter walls and lightweight roofs. These certifications are essential to correctly assess the acoustic insulation of the façade.


Sustainability and eco-compatibility

Certified boards by ANAB-ICEA and natureplus for the sustainability of the product and the production process.
The raw materials that compose eco-friendly CELENIT boards are: wood from sustainably managed forests (PEFC ™ or FSC® certificate); Portland cement and calcium carbonate residue of marble to form the percentage of recycled material (ICEA certificate). The production process has low resource consumption and low emissions. CELENIT panels can therefore contribute to the evaluation of the sustainability of buildings through certification protocols.


Customized design solutions

Designers can define their own interior design line with wood wool coverings.
For designers who are looking for new and original ideas to express their creativity, CELENIT offers products with features that enhance the aesthetic finish. From pose type to manufactured edges, from textures to the different colorations available, designers have a lot of creative ideas to shape their own architectural projects, customizing interior design by enhancing aesthetic features.


Flexible design

CELENIT recommends versatility and flexibility as the passwords for creativity!
Wood wool boards can be used for countless creative solutions. Baffles applications, curved finishing, furnishings, special patterns, shelves and cubes. The simplicity of the boards allows creating attractive shapes with an innovative design. CELENIT panels are exceptionally versatile with high aesthetic value, able to meet all designers’ modern expectations.