Natural products for
energy efficient buildings
For CELENIT, building insulation means designing our “third skin”. Sensitivity is a key factor in the designer’s choice of the best product for end users.

Thanks to the myriad advantages and technical features, CELENIT is used in all insulation solutions, both in newly built traditional buildings and the recovery of existing ones, as well as in innovative building products. There are multiple applications: vertical partitions, roofs, the upper surface and the soffit of floors and internal partitions.



CELENIT panels have provided insulation solutions for the construction industry for over 50 years, ensuring an eco-compatible and thermal-acoustic insulation 
by improving interior conditions in our buildings. Wood and cement panels were the first industrial insulation materials used in buildings and their versatility lends them to several applications. Born as panels for the insulation of concrete castings and the correction of thermal bridges, over the years they have proved excellent for insulating the casing with high performance up to becoming indispensable in the field of bioconstruction and design according to sustainability protocols.



Increasing building energy efficiency is a great way
to reduce CO2 emissions in the air and is thus essential for the health of our environment. An investment that must be made not only for us, but also for future generations. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for market growth, considering that existent buildings are obsolete from the energy standpoint. CELENIT has created specific solutions to improve energy efficiency that concern roofing, perimeter walls, partitions and floors. CELENIT solutions are not only technically reliable but also reduce the annoyances of traditional renovation to a minimum.



Prefabricated timber and metal frame houses offer great advantages
in terms of insulation, breathability, construction speed and low environmental impact. However, as they are light structures, they have problems of summer thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire and humidity protection that must be carefully taken into account during the design phase and opportunely dealt with. CELENIT panels are ideal insulators for these types of structures, ensuring total protection over time and greatly increasing their efficiency and durability.