Facilities for recreational activities, free time, sports and fitness require robust, durable and safe sound absorbing surfaces, which ensure the safety of users and aesthetics.

CELENIT, with over than 50 years of experience in acoustic and thermal insulation, provides maximum comfort solutions for school refurbishing with panels made from red fir wood wool that is mineralized and bound with Portland cement.

Bar and restaurant owners often tend to underestimate the importance of acoustically insulating their premises. In reality, excessive background noise can annoy customers who may not come back and stress the staff who is forced to work for hours in an uncomfortable environment, which lowers their concentration and productivity.

Commercial real estate with a constant flow of people becomes a showroom for interior design and an expression of art! They are the perfect places to combine acoustic performance with creativity.

Public spaces for the community and the gathering of people, such as auditoriums and conference centers, are characterized by large volumes and a continuous flow of people. The acoustics are not normally ideal due to the poorly distributed smooth and reflecting surfaces.

Acoustic levels in factories and other industrial buildings are generally higher than in other work places. Workers are exposed to very high acoustic levels, therefore it is important to design comfortable acoustic conditions to maintain the productivity and psychophysical integrity of the workers. In addition, production should not disturb people living near the production facilities.