Public spaces
Public spaces
Public spaces

Public spaces for the community and the gathering of people, such as auditoriums and conference centers, are characterized by large volumes and a continuous flow of people. The acoustics are not normally ideal due to the poorly distributed smooth and reflecting surfaces.

Solutions for a creative and high impact design for large public spaces, where reverberation issues make communication among people difficult

Places that fall into this category can be auditoriums, theatres, conference rooms, cinemas, libraries and places of worship. These places combine a large volume and a high number of people, who generate noise but require absolute silence. It is very important to understand the speaker at a conference or to be able to study in a public library, where even the slightest noise leads to a loss of concentration.

CELENIT, thanks to countless tests and acoustic absorption certifications, is able to provide the acoustic designer with all the necessary tools to identify the acoustic issues of a building and with high performance sound absorbing systems.

Wood wool panels laminated with mineral wool provide certified acoustic absorption performance, with αw values up to 1.00. Combined with their advanced installation systems, they guarantee ideal acoustics with particular regard to speech frequencies.