Sports environments
Sports environments
Sports environments

Facilities for recreational activities, free time, sports and fitness require robust, durable and safe sound absorbing surfaces, which ensure the safety of users and aesthetics. CELENIT has certificated solutions to guarantee a long life and appealing design, with high performance and resistant products.

Certified solutions for sound absorption, fire reaction, and resistance to ball hits assure safety and comfort in sports facilities

Buildings for sports activities often have a large volume and require accurate interior design to reduce background noise and to improve sound clarity. The acoustic quality of a room is measured by T60 or reverberation time. T60 is the time in seconds the sound loses 60 dB of energy, thus becoming inaudible. CELENIT provides certified acoustic absorption with αw values up to 1.00, which are essential for optimal acoustic design.

One important feature of acoustic ceilings and walls is the resistance to ball hits or other forms of impact. All CELENIT impact-resistant solutions are in class 1A, the best one for covering walls and ceilings, according to the type of structure. In sports structures where there is a high concentration of humidity, such as swimming pools, changing rooms and laundry mats, very robust finishing is required to resist so that steam and chloride do not cause damage.

As regards durability, all CELENIT panels are in class C according to EN 13964, with application in rooms with up to 95% relative humidity and temperatures up to 30° C. CELENIT boards are fire reaction classified Euroclass A2-s1, d0, and B-s1, d0. They slow down the combustion process, allowing people to exit safely. With regard to fire resistance, certified EI 60 solutions also guarantee protecting structures.