Thermal inertia

Mass and specific heat define CELENIT as the best insulation for the summer.

Buildings are subject to temperature excursions, therefore their thermal inertia and insulation properties are important. CELENIT, thanks to its mass and specific heat, can accumulate heat 20 times more than other common insulating materials. In fact, it guarantees optimal thermal lag and heat attenuation, in particular to light structures.


Thermal insulation

Universal combinations with wood wool for excellent insulation performance.
The good thermal insulation performance of wood wool boards combined with the excellent thermal conductivity of laminated wood fiber and rock wool ensure compliance with any thermal insulation requirements in all climatic zones.


Acoustic insulation

Nature, porosity and elasticity characterize CELENIT for soundproofing.
The characteristics of CELENIT panels, such as mass, porous structure, alveolar with open cells, low elastic modulus and internal absorption effect make the product very suitable to reduce background noise (sound absorption) and to shield sound transmissions (sound insulation).


Humidity protection

CELENIT, completely insensitive to water and frost, for the protection of the insulation package.
This characteristic is due to the Portland cement that entirely coats the wood fibres, making them resistant to water and avoiding any separation in case of frost. The boards do not swell or disintegrate in case of humidity. CELENIT panels also act as hygrometric regulators: they absorb excessive humidity and give it back when normal conditions are restored, without undergoing any deformations.



CELENIT is totally breathable and allows natural vapor migration.

Its natural porous open cell composition, allows total permeability to water vapor diffusion: they ensure pleasurable dry conditions, allowing the excessive water vapor in the rooms or in the building structure to migrate outwards, avoiding the accumulation of humidity and the formation of mold, thus keeping the building dry and healthy.


Fire protection

Planning that ensures the safety of users in case of fire is crucial.
In crowded public places, fire safety must be designed very carefully in order to avoid risk to people’s lives and damage to the goods. Wood wool panels are classified in Fire Euroclass A2-s1,d0 and B-s1,d0. Furthermore, the fire resistance values of false ceilings can reach 60 minutes of fire resistance (EI60 certificate), maintaining its aesthetic appearance and acoustic qualities.


Sustainability and eco-compatibility

Panels certified by ANAB-ICEA and natureplus for product and production process sustainability.
The raw materials that compose eco-friendly CELENIT boards are: wood from sustainably managed forests (PEFC™ or FSC® certified); Portland cement and calcium carbonate residue of marble to form the percentage of recycled material (ICEA certified). The production process involves low resource consumption and low emissions. CELENIT panels can therefore contribute to the evaluation of the sustainability of buildings through certification protocols.


Technical reliability

Mineralization is the secret for total protection of unlimited durability.

The fiber is impregnated with mineralizing and fireproofing substances, which together with the action of Portland cement silicates, protect the wood fibres from any biological, chemical or rain/moisture action. The carbonation of the lime in the cement improves the life span of the product. CELENIT is a material that guarantees total protection and an unlimited life span.