Protection from summer heat has the same importance as winter insulation. Insulation that mitigates and delays heat transmission from the outside to the inside of a roof can provide important energy savings.

CELENIT offers wide-ranging quality insulation solutions for great living comfort. Available solutions include external and internal insulation or cavity wall insulation.

Partitions often present major problems of sound insulation and do not normally reach the values set by legislation in force. Certified CELENIT solutions give definitive answers to the problems of sound insulation in perimeter walls and partitions.

The insulation of the ceiling of cold unheated rooms such as garages, cellars, ancillary rooms and technical rooms are of fundamental importance, not only to ensure thermal comfort and the absence of condensation for the benefit of the heated rooms, but above all because they will have to consider other essential characteristics that floors and horizontal partitions must present.

Heat loss through the structural elements of a building, called thermal bridges, can reach and exceed 20% of the total dispersion and they cause internal condensation that leads to stains and mold, with the consequential deterioration of the structures.