CELENIT  products are CE marked according to the EN 13168 standard, which specifies requirements for wood wool products used in thermal insulation, and according to the EN 13964 standard, which is the reference for false ceilings.The notified organism, the Giordano Institute, determined the product type according to system 1, thanks to type tests, initial establishment inspection, a production control system check and the continuous surveillance plan. The Institute has issued the certification of Constancy of Performance with regard to reaction to fire. According to system 3, the notified test laboratory determined the base product type by means of type tests for other features declared, and they have issued the related test reports.

The Commission Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 concerning the CE marking of construction states that the manufacturer must draft the Declaration of Performance (DoP)for products falling within the scope of a harmonized standard or if they comply with a European technical evaluation. CELENIT makes the DoP of each product available in the "download" area at www.celenit.com.

Direct link: celenit.com/en/download/DoP