CELENIT is manufactured in a modern plant able to produce
about 12,000 m2 per day.

The plant is characterized by low energy consumption and part of the energy required is supplied by the photovoltaic system that covers the entire roof. High production capacity and complete automation guarantee filling both large and small orders in a very short time. Fast delivery is a highly appreciated service in the insulation market.


The highly automated process ensures conformity with the production standards required by EN 13168; in fact, production is checked internally several times a day and periodically by notified laboratories.

All products placed on the Italian and European markets must have obtained the CE mark in laboratories notified in the EU and they must provide the DoP (Declaration of Performance). The notified laboratory, Istituto Giordano, periodically checks the production control system of wood wool panels according to system 1, issuing the certificate of performance consistency.

The technologically advanced plant and the severe controls are a guarantee of certified technical performances. Those who use technical materials should have the peace of mind that the data the company provides are constantly replicated by production and only companies that have made a similar productive investment as Celenit are able to give this guarantee.