Restaurants and bar
Restaurants and bar
Restaurants and bar

Bar and restaurant owners often tend to underestimate the importance of acoustically insulating their premises. In reality, excessive background noise can annoy customers who may not come back and stress the staff who is forced to work for hours in an uncomfortable environment, which lowers their concentration and productivity.

Acoustic solutions for interior design that ensure comfort to customers and staff, creating a more relaxed and pleasurable environment that improves business productivity.

How often do you find yourself eating in a crowded restaurant where the background noise does not allow you to communicate with the other diners or the staff? Dealing with the acoustic aspect in bars, canteens and restaurants has now essential to provide customers an environment that immediately puts them at ease.

Interior designers do not often consider acoustic insulation issues when designing restaurants and bars; CELENIT offers sound absorbing solutions with wood wool panels and specific systems for acoustic ceilings and walls that can be installed any time, even after the opening, because their installation is clean and fast.

Interior designers can unleash their creativity with CELENIT baffles, veils and rafters tailored to correct acoustics without hiding the existing finishing of the commercial real estate. Easy and fast applications, multiple textures, edges and colors can meet all the needs of interior design without major impact on day to day business.