Offices and shops
Offices and shops
Offices and shops

Commercial real estate with a constant flow of people becomes a showroom for interior design and an expression of art! They are the perfect places to combine acoustic performance with creativity.

Creative design solutions, simple yet customized with versatile interior design systems, which meet the acoustic needs of offices, stores and other businesses

When planning public work environments, designers choose coverings that adapt to their interior design line and permit exploiting the features of acoustic absorption, eco-biocompatibility and mechanical endurance of the panels. Their choice is also aimed at creating wellness and positive sensations for customers.

CELENIT panels, with their various textures and colorations, manufactured edges and several mounting systems, permit creating innovative ideas with an attractive design to insist on design integrated with the marketing stamp of positive visual sensations.

With precise solutions, interventions can also be made in up and running businesses. In fact, CELENIT panels can be applied quickly and are easy adaptable, allowing the requalification of restaurants, bars and public employment spaces that present serious problems of reverberation, in a very short time without having to close.