Friday December 23, 2022
Ecovadis GOLD

We got the GOLD medal!
CELENIT obtains the updated rating from Ecovadis for its CSR policy

An integrated approach to sustainability has allowed CELENIT S.p.A. to obtain, in September 2022, the GOLD level from the Ecovadis sustainability rating agency for its CSR Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. This result places CELENIT Natural Insulators among a small group of companies, 5% of those evaluated, which have obtained the gold medal. In fact, since 2018 CELENIT has chosen the Ecovadis assessment system to improve its ESG practices (acronym for Environmental, Social, Governance), to monitor sustainability practices and to communicate its positioning to its stakeholders.

Ecovadis is a French CSR rating platform created in 2007 that evaluates the sustainability of businesses. It took over 10 years to build a global network of over 90,000 team-rated companies in 175 countries and 200 sectors. The methodology analyzes and evaluates the performance of social responsibility policies of the company and the importance that it is given to environmental and social issues. The score is assigned according to four main themes: environment, labor & human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. CELENIT's strategy has been evaluated for each the result is of these topics, based on its policies, actions and results.

The score obtained by CELENIT represents a growth compared to 2018, passing by the rating BRONZE to GOLD.

This accomplishment has been possible thanks to a particular sensitivity that has distinguished CELENIT since its inception for the environmental issues regarding its products and manufactoring processes. Today CELENIT wants to invest further resources towards a structurated path to increase its sustainability according to the most recognized standards and best practices of the sector, in particular according to the most used ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) rating in the world: Ecovadis. This strategy is fundamental in a sector such as the building industry where energy saving, safety, and ethical business practises have a lot of room for improving.

CELENIT is strongliy committed to respect the environment, the current regulations and the human rights and it is ready to contribute to address the present and future climate risks.