Monday May 27, 2019
Archiproducts Design Awards 2018 Winner
CELENIT GROOVE won the Archiproducts Design Awards 2018 for the Construction section.

From furniture to decor, from lifestyle to construction, 100 entries win a place on the podium and become examples of the status quo of the international creative scene.

The jury – made up of 40 international architecture studios, communication agencies, journalists, and architecture photographers – assessed over 600 product applications from 400 brands from the world over. The selection was far from straightforward, and recognized research into the best formal and material solutions, as well as the ability to anticipate practical and conceptual scenarios in residential and contract projects.

Confirming their role as a dynamic stage for collective reflection on new tendencies in international design, the ADA also serve once more to describe collaborations between brand and designer. They offer a behind-the-scenes view of encounters and interactions which today inscribe fundamental chapters in the story of design and project creation.

CELENIT GROOVE is a wood wool board with surface processing consisting of parallel milling that creates plays of light and shadows generating a particular three-dimensional effect. CELENIT GROOVE installed as wall or ceiling covering allow to create continuity and linearity.