Acoustic insulation
Acoustic insulation
Acoustic insulation
The acoustic design of the building can be easily realized with the adoption of technical solutions that are certified by manufacturers in order to deal with the acoustic problems of the partitions between habitable rooms, technical rooms and residential units.

CELENIT certified solutions cover a wide range of applications such as roofs, partitions and perimeter walls.

Noise coming from traffic or neighbors can be a source of discomfort and annoyance, making it impossible to sleep or concentrate. Therefore, sound insulation issues must be carefully addressed at the start of the building project. When designing a the acoustic insulation of a building, it is very useful to count on certified technical solutions proposed by acoustic product manufactures.

CELENIT offers certified insulating solutions for partitions between apartments with a sound insulation index (Rw) up to 70 dB. The tests cover different construction technologies: traditional brick partitions, Poroton blocks, aerated concrete blocks, wooden and steel framing partitions.

With regard to the sound insulation of the perimeter wall or roofs, the sound insulation index of the different elements composing the building must be evaluated, in particular the walls, roof, windows and doors, and then a calculation must be made that also takes the building geometry into account. CELENIT provides certified stratigraphy for perimeter walls and roofs, which guarantees excellent sound-insulating performance.

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