Thermal insulation
Thermal insulation
Thermal insulation

External and internal roof and perimeter wall insulation solutions are available for traditional brick and mortar buildings or timber, steel framed prefabricated structures. CELENIT offers high-performance solutions with eco-friendly materials that have very good thermal conductivity and thermal inertia for excellent winter insulation and above all summer heat protection.

When designing thermal insulation, thermal resistance should not be the only consideration. Other correlated insulation characteristics must be taken into account for great living comfort.

A good insulation of the casing must adequately meet the different thermal variations between winter and summer regimes, guaranteeing users thermal comfort. At the same time, sound insulation parameters must be respected, in order to not be disturbed by outside noise or adjacent units.
CELENIT panels have high specific heat and high density thanks to the wood and Portland cement agglomerate. Therefore, they reach excellent thermal inertia values, which provide excellent attenuation and phase shift performance, lowering and delaying temperature swings inside the rooms during summer.
CELENIT panels, thanks to the high breathability of the materials, allow the correct outward migration of steam. This avoids any form of condensation and mold, ensuring excellent health conditions and indoor air quality. Using natural insulating panels, with excellent breathability, and carefully studying the stratigraphy will ensure the structure a longer life and users a healthy indoor environment.

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