Concrete insulation
Concrete insulation
Concrete insulation

The perfect adhesion between CELENIT boards and concrete permits applying the boards as permanent formwork for concrete casting. In this way, reinforced concrete, slabs, pillars and beams can be casted directly on CELENIT panels. Once the concrete has hardened, the boards will form a single monolithic block together with the concrete.

Building with concrete castings during the work is a rationalization of building yard works that has been known for a long time thanks to the unquestionable advantages it can offer.

The combination of the construction system with concrete castings and wood wool panels as permanent formwork joins a tradition of over 50 years to countless advantages. This makes it possible to realize structures with thermal insulation, thermal inertia, acoustic insulation, and fire protection, therefore able to guarantee living comfort, energy savings, economy for construction costs and site management.

The elements manufactured in this way are simultaneously structures and closures, they can incorporate plants and they can directly receive the finish. Thanks to the matching between concrete and wood wool panels, walls with outstanding performances can be realized, all the concrete ones and all with CELENIT panels ones.

The wood wool panels are suitable for the fire protection of structural elements in reinforced concrete. In fact, they act as a heat shield, substantially increasing the fire resistance of the structures due to the insulating properties of the material. Classified in Euroclass A2-s1, d0 and B-s1, d0, they remain unchanged for a long time under the direct action of flames due to the protective effect of the mineral component.

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