Acoustic baffles and rafts
Acoustic baffles and rafts
Acoustic baffles and rafts

If the dimensions of the building to insulate are big enough, these very creative application solutions can provide great aesthetics and outstanding acoustic absorption performance.

The acoustic problem is often found in places where the business is already up and running, when the presence of many people disturb speech intelligibility, creating an annoying environment and discomfort.

Current architectural styles, which include the use of highly sound-reflecting materials such as glass and steel, require solutions with high sound absorption power in a limited space.

Therefore, taking action to solve the acoustic problem becomes fundamental. Wood wool panels suspended from the ceiling offer a viable and creative solution.

CELENIT baffles and rafts are advanced design solutions, flexible and adaptable to any context


Acoustic corrections for places where it is not possible to install an entire false ceiling. The application of baffles is the ideal option for acoustic correction due to the wide sound absorbing surface provided by the vertical elements.


An innovative application for specific acoustic corrections designed for wide spaces with sound sources and receivers, where covering the entire ceiling surface is not necessary. It improves the acoustic comfort of the place by giving particular expression to design.