Acoustic wall coverings
Acoustic wall coverings
Acoustic wall coverings

Solutions for high-performance sound absorption wall coverings for large or limited wall portions. The panels can be directly fixed to structure, that is generally hidden, giving space to ideas, playing with different lengths, patterns, textures and color combinations.

Wall coverings can also be highly functional to transmit a feeling of acoustic comfort to the indoor environment.

CELENIT wall coverings have been tested for resistance to impact and being hit by balls; they are in the highest strength class and guarantee total safety.

All the operations performed are evidence of how CELENIT wall coverings allow providing an original visual impact, through attractive and innovative design.

The sound absorption capability combined with the mechanical resistance of the wood wool panels permit designing solutions for all needs

Installation on hidden structure

CELENIT panels can be directly screwed onto wooden laths or a C metal profile. Boards can also be fastened with screws to the wall.

Wall coverings with visible structure

This solution is designed for big spaces where a false wall with an air-gap behind the sound absorbing surface is not required. Wood wool panels are retained by Omega profiles placed vertically and fastened directly to the wall with appropriate fixing devices. The boards can also be fastened to a hidden structure, with Omega profiles then placed vertically or horizontally.

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