Acoustic ceilings
Acoustic ceilings
Acoustic ceilings

Designers can choose among several types of CELENIT acoustic ceiling applications, combining panel texture and dimensions, visible or hidden structures that can be fixed directly to the ceilings or suspended in order to increase acoustic absorption.

CELENIT false ceilings are created to adjust the sound pressure and improve the sound quality of the environments. It is not just important what you hear, but above all the acoustic quality of it in order to transmit wellbeing and positive sensations.

The versatility of CELENIT panels allows applications in any context: offices and industrial environments that require large interspaces for installation; garages with flush fire-resistant applications; bars and restaurants that need a quick installation.

Not only acoustic, false ceiling with CELENIT panels offer essential features for indoor comfort: environmental friendliness and respect for users’ health, fire protection and light reflection to exploit natural light.

Sound absorbing false ceilings, easy to install for all needs, either flush or lowered.

False ceilings
with visible structure

This system is simple and traditional, it is perfectly suited to upgrading works and accentuates the shape and the false ceiling structure by emphasizing T or Omega metal profiles. Lowered edges (RD or RS code) partially hide the structure, creating lighting effects and very interesting shadows. This system allows easy access to installations behind them.


Installation on
hidden T profile

The boards with special edges (PM or PS code) are placed into T metal profiles, which cover the structure, creating a continuous ceiling surface.


Installation on
hidden structure

CELENIT panels can be directly screwed onto wooden laths or a C metal profile. Boards can also be fastened with screws to the ceiling. 

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