Design solutions
Design solutions
Design solutions

CELENIT allows customizing the covering system as well as the panels. Walls and ceilings, color combinations and different sizes, thickness and texture combinations, and mosaics up to interior design furnishing solutions.

Architects and designers can define their own design line through simple, creative and personalized planning, choosing the features of the panels and their assembly.

With wood wool panels suitably cut and processed, you can obtain geometric shapes with a unique and inimitable design, creating mosaics and original compositions that are acoustically excellent.

The workability of the panels allows precise cutting, milling, edge working and colors for high impact architectural solutions, a unique expression of freedom, imagination and creativity.

Colors and compositions for a custom design, enhancing environments that become unique


Bards dimensions: width 60 cm, length 60 - 120 - 200 - 240 cm. Non-standard cuts can be requested. Wood wool panels can also be easily cut on site with simple tools that are readily available.


Compositions and overlays

You can create 3D effects by combining and overlaying panels with different thicknesses. Boards can also be easily cut, creating patterns with tones and different color shades for a unique design creation.


Surface patterns

Panels with extra thin or thin texture can be supplied with this surface patterns consisting of parallel milling on the long side that creates plays of light and shadows, creating a particular three-dimensional effect.