Celenit L2AB25
Composite thermal and acoustic insulation board, consisting of a layer of mineralized thin fir wood wool bound with white Portland cement, thickness 25 mm, coupled to a layer of mineral wool with non woven glass fibre, according to EN 13162 standard. Wood wool is 2 mm wide. High quality boards for design acoustic absorption systems.
It complies with EN 13168 and EN 13964 standards.
CELENIT L2AB25 is PEFC™ certified. Also available with FSC® certification.
It's a product of CELENIT ACOUSTIC MINERAL product range which reach the highest sound absorption performance, even from low to high frequencies.
Boards can be laid on visible structures or can be provided with rock wool sized smaller than the wood wool panel width in order to screw them onto the hidden structure (metal profiles or wood laths).
  • Aesthetically pleasant
  • High sound absorption performance  
  • Available with various edges and colours 
  • Fire resistant 
  • Unaffected by rising damp and moisture
  • Water and frost resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
Controsoffitti, Contropareti
False ceilings, wall coverings
Technical data

1200x600 mm

43(25/18) - 50(25/25) - 65(25/40) mm   

Reaction to fire
Euroclass B-s1, d0

Sound absorption

1- Application in adherence αw up to 0.70
2- Empty air-gap αw up to 0.85

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