Celenit L2ABE25C/A2
Composite thermal and acoustic insulation board, in Euroclass A2-s1, d0, consisting of a layer of mineralized extra-thin fir wood wool bound with white Portland cement and mineral powder, thickness 25 mm, coupled to a layer of mineral wool according to EN 13162 standard. Wood wool is 1 mm wide. High quality boards for design acoustic absorption systems.
It complies with EN 13168 and EN 13964 standards.
CELENIT L2ABE25C/A2 is PEFC™ certified. Also available with FSC® certification.

It's a product of CELENIT ACOUSTIC MINERAL A2 product range which achieves superior fire-resistance. With the addition of mineral powder in the wood-concrete mixture, the panels attain the Euroclass A2-s1, d0, while maintaining aesthetic appearance and the excellent sound-absorption properties.
The best safety features from the attack of flames make these panels also suitable for visible applications in corridors and exit ways in public areas where fire-safety requirements are stricter.
Boards can be screwed directly onto the ceiling or wall or a hidden structure.

  • Aesthetically pleasant
  • Superior fire-resistance
  • High sound absorption performance  
  • Available with various edges and colours 
  • Fire resistant 
  • Unaffected by rising damp and moisture
  • Water and frost resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
Controsoffitti, Contropareti

False ceilings, wall coverings

Technical data

1200x600 mm

50(25/25) - 75(25/50) - 100(25/75) - 125(25/100) - 150(25/125) mm

Reaction to fire
Euroclass A2-s1, d0

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